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Atheist Forum in Social Networking

Nowadays, social networking sites have appeared quickly one by one. People are very fond of meeting new friends, and communicating with old friends and family. Social networking sites became a medium as a powerful communication worldwide., founded June 2007, is becoming popular as a social networking site with free blogs and groups. It has the goal of connecting like minded people. Everyone can participate to active groups sharing the same ideas, and can even create a 100% free blog. is also user-friendly, and is growing fast day by day. is like a strong community. It houses countless active groups, where discussions are conducted by like minded people. Almost all kinds of groups exists in, even an atheist forum is there. By the way, many atheists and non-atheists participate in the atheist group of

The site is more on community-like and multi-connection between active members of the group. There is a live discussion where you have the convenience of interacting on-the-spot. The bloggers out there are given the privilege to create a free blog which would also become part of the social networking group. has established connections with Twitter and Facebook. Over 200,000 members are now existing in the wonderful social networking site.

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“Happiness Truck” Video of Coca-Cola Released!

The soda giant, Coca-Cola, just release the video of the “Happiness Truck” which is a sequel to the smash-hit parent video “Happiness Machine.” The “Happiness Truck” video adds the flavor of international coke than of the first.

The current video took place in Rio de Janeiro. It is a different story than of the “Happiness Machine” that gives out free Cokes, flowers, balloon animals, pizza and submarine sandwich at a college cafeteria. The truck spits free Cokes – as expected, beach toy, a surfboard, sunglasses, beach chairs, t-shirts and soccer balls to fulfill the happiness of the street people. You just have to push the ‘red button’ at the back of the truck.

The global director of Coca-Cola, Shane Grant, said that there about 40 others that took inspiration from the original video. Rio was chosen as the shooting place because “we wanted to show how happiness translates in markets around the world, not just the U.S. or Western Europe.” Unlike the parent video, Grant added that there will be no 30-seconds edit video of the “Happiness Truck” and insert to TV commercials unlike the first one.

Managing director of Landor Associates, Allen Adamson, describe the latest video as “brilliant” and fits well to coke’s image.

“It was an unexpected moment of joy and surprise around one of the most mundane touch points there is — a vending machine.” Adamson added.

The much anticipated video can be viewed to the Coca-cola’s Facebook page.

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Kobe Bryant Gets His 4th MVP Award in NBA All-Star

“I feel like we have a sense of responsibility and we are voted in for what we do during the season, which is play hard,” Kobe Bryant said. “And we come here, that’s what the fans want to see. They want to see us go at it and see us compete and that’s what I try to do and that’s what I try to tell my teammates to do.”

Outshining all veteran players, and rookies as well, Kobe Bryant played the NBA All-Star scoring 37 points and 14 rebounds and gaining the MVP award for his 4th time. The Sunday game can be said to be very tight as all-stars team scored 148-143 at the Staples Center.

“Being home, I wanted to come out and play hard, put on a good show.” said the 32-year old player of Lakers who almost drive the court like one.

At first part of the game, it was Blake Griffin, who just won the Dunk contest soaring over a car, that the crowd are cheering and talking about. But as Bryant fade-away shot over Dwyane Wade and a reverse dunk as he pass drive Wade and later, he stole Wade’s pocket for one of this three steals and the game is all about Bryant.

“I don’t know if he wanted to prove something, but he certainly was motivated.” Kobe’s teammate, Pau Gasol, said.

“He was not passing the ball at all . . . but that’s Kobe.” Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks commented on how Kobe played.

Meanwhile, LeBron James took the lead for the East play having 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Second to Michael Jordan to have a triple-double in the said series. Amare Stoudemire also added 29 while Dwyane Wade needs to leave the game after an ankle injury with 14 points.

“I wish the East would’ve won, then my teammate with the triple-double would’ve stole (the MVP),” Wade said. “But (Bryant) deserved it.”

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Nissan’s New Sports Car: Esflow Rumor

It may be shocking of the new Nissan’s sports car with their first electric car that caught attention of enthusiasts.

On March, the Japanese-based company plans to unveil the battery-powered rocket for two at the Geneva Auto Show. Rumors over the internet said that the new car is named Nissan Esflow, although very little details and pictures can been provided, there’s no even interior pictures given.

The Nissan Leaf, a four door electric car, will start driving by the Spring and the Esflow’s release can be said to a little show off to the autoline companies.

The Esflow concept are gas-powered 370Z stablemate, touch of old BMW M Couple and Geneva as a public-reaction barometer. Bumpers at the front and rear overhangs are minimal, with the large wheels of the car pushed to the extremities.

A what Nissan reported: lithium-ion batteries powering twin rear motors combine for a zero to 60 mph time somewhere around 4 seconds, Tesla’s 3.9 second blast to 60 and the range is around 150 miles to the charge.

The said car is said to be with the usual high-tech car accouterments, from LCD screens on the interior to the LED lighting to an ultra-low profile all-aluminum chassis with an integrated roll bar system. It is something a serious racer boy should be looking at but, with batteries though.

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Japan: An Android-robot That Tweets May Sent To Space

Twitter has proven its effectiveness about informing other parts of the world that want to witness rallies at Egypt, Iran or anywhere. But it won’t be impossible that we will also receive tweets from space, Japan can do that.

Space agency at Japan is considering of sending the talking humanoid robot to International Space Station. Besides tweeting what, it will also serve as an eye to the missions outer space while astronauts are asleep and can even check health and stress levels. The said robot is a collaboration work of University of Tokyo, Dentsu and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

JAXA is planning on sending the robot at about 2013 that will tweet primarily photos and is said to provide astronauts “comfort and companionship.”

“We are thinking in terms of a very human-like robot that would have facial expressions and be able to converse with the astronauts,” Satoshi Sano of JAXA said.

Meanwhile, NASA’s own robonaut called R-2 is set to to a discovery shuttle next week. NASA hopes that soon robonauts can replace astronauts during missions which difficult or dangerous for a human to do. The US$2.5 million R-2 robot is said to have limited activities at the laboratory.

Sano said the agency is thinking of  ways for the Japanese version to be more original. Japan, as of now, has no space program of its own, but Japanese astronauts are part space station.

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Scottish Deerhound Triumphant at the Westminster

Hickory, the 5-year-old Scottish Deerhound, got the most wanted purple-and-gold ribbon and shiny silver bowl at the Westminster Kennel Club last Tuesday at the Madison Square Garden.

The America’s top dog, Hickory, loves to chase rabbits and deer at the 50-acre farm in Virginia. She is the first to captured the said title among her breed. And the winning also includes trip to Sardi’s restaurant and to the top of the Empire State Building.

“She’s not used to lights, camera and noise,” Angela Lloyd, the handler, said. “I think Hickory could feel my lead that I was excited and went with it.”

Among the best-of-seven final show ring with the Scottish Deerhound dog are breeds Pekingese, Portuguese water dog, Chinese shar-pei, smooth fox terrier, bearded collie and black cocker spaniel announced by Paolo Dondina, a judge from Italy. And if you don’t know much of dog world standards, those breeds with Hickory are the country’s top-rated show dogs and Hickory’s breed is not on the list.

Hickory won the hound group and made her wait all day until it is her turn which a lot to adjust for a dog who is used to woods rather than green carpets.

Lloyd had won Westminster in 1998 for handling in the junior showmanship for youngsters.

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