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Silverstone F1 Track Officially Unveiled

The 5.9km circuit layout that will host next year’s British Grand Prix and MotoGP as well was officially presented by Silverstone. The circuit worth $7.9 million includes new sections such as Farm Curve, Village corner, The Loop, Aintree corner and Wellington Straight, while the new pit and paddock complex is now under development.

Damon Hill, 1996 world champion and President of Silverstone said “It’s a necessary risk. The alternative was that the British Grand Prix would have gone off the calendar” since Silverstone’s rival track, Donington, withdrew. The circuit is expected to be completed before the 2011 British Grand Prix

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Armani Hotel in Dubai Opens

Italian couturier Giorgio Armani opens an exclusive hotel in Dubai. Armani himself finally made it in Dubai after a week of delay because of the flight disruptions in Europe because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. With walls decorated with handmade Florentine leather, Japanese tatami on the floors and bathrooms featuring green Brazilian marble, Armani Hotel Dubai occupies 10 levels of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Prices range from $760 a night for a room to more than $2,500 for some suites. Guests will also be able to buy Armani-branded products and have a great time at the Armani Club.

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Dwight Howard needs to pay $35,000 Fine

As we all know, Dwight Howard has been one of the hottest big men in the NBA so far. He has been the Defensive Player of the Year for two consecutive years and is the superstar of the Orlando Magic. We all know that he is an optimistic guy and likes to enjoy life, but on this day he wouldn’t even have the time to smile as he violated a rule for using his personal blog.

The articles that he wrote on his blog was about his complaints on the referee’s calls on him. For this, he has to pay $35,000 fine for writing such article. The commissioner of the NBA – David Stern didn’t take this as a joke or a way to release frustrations. For him, this was ruining the credibility of the referees he hires in the NBA. This is what Dwight Howard said on his article about his complaints on foul calls.

Ya’ll know that that series against Charlotte drove me crazy. I mean it was almost comical at times how I was getting fouls called on me. There was nothing I could do out there and I felt like I couldn’t even move without getting that whistle blown on me.
I’m not looking to say anything to get myself in trouble with the league, but I just don’t see other star players getting called for fouls the way I get them. No star player in the league is outta games the way I am. I even talked to Pat Ewing about his career and he said he never had foul trouble like what I’m going through.

Well, I just have to say, be careful of what you post on your blog Dwight, your blog post just might be a pain on the head for you.

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Ghostface is Back

It is back 10 years after its appearance in Scream 3. The original “scream” team including director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson (“The Vampire Diaries”), and the acting trio of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette will start to shoot in June and Scream 4 will hit the theatres on April 15, 2011.

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Why Apple doesn’t use Flash

Why Apple don’t use Flash

Steve Jobs, the CEO o f Apple, cited some reasons why Apple do not use Flash in their products. Flash is a format that supports video, animation, games and others made by Apple’s tech competitor Adobe. Jobs said “Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short.” Here are some of the reasons in the list:

1. Flash is a closed system – Adobe’s Flash products are only available in Adobe which means that Adobe has the only authority when it comes to the products’ development and advancements.

2. iPhone, iPad and iPod users aren’t missing much videos – It is true that most of the videos on the web are in Flash. This is the reason why Adobe said that Apple mobile devices cannot experience the “full web”. However, these videos are also available in a more modern format, the H.264, which is viewable in the said gadgets.

3. Apple doesn’t want to reduce its products’ reliability and security – Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having the worst security in 2009. Furthermore, we also know that Flash is the reason why Macs crash.

4. Decoding a video in software instead of hardware uses much power – Most mobile devices use a decoder called H.264. A decoder used in Blu-ray DVD players which was later adopted by Apple, Google, YouTube and other companies. Though Adobe Flash has recently added a support for H.264, videos on most websites requires an older generation of decoder which mobile devices do not have. There is a very big difference: videos played using H.264 decoders play for 10 hours while those decoded via softwares only play for 5 hours and the battery is drained.

5. Flash websites rely on “rollovers” – Apple’s gadgets have a multi-touch interface and don’t have a mouse or the so-called “rollovers”, Even if Apple supports Flash, websites supporting Flash needs to be rewritten to cope up with the touch features of the modern mobile devices including Apple.

6. “Adobe has been painfully slow to adopt enhancements to Apple’s platforms.” – Apple doesn’t want Flash to hold their back. They want to provide their developers the most advanced and innovative platform and create applications that the world has never seen.

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A New Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Provenge, the first therapy of its own kind, finally gets the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Provenge is a vaccine where in the process, the patient’s own white blood cells are taken and by a special drug, they are trained to fight the cancer cells. This treatment is only for “metastatic-castration-resistant” prostate cancer patients to whom the hormone suppressant therapy has not worked. Studies show that this treatment prolongs the patient’s life for about 4 and a half months.

Though it is a vaccine, it is not for prevention, but rather intended for someone who already have prostate cancer. Also, because the patient’s own white blood cells are used, lesser side effects are expected such as chills and fevers that may last for two to three days. Unlike in chemotherapy, the drug is toxic to the body resulting to infections, muscle and bone pain and hair loss.

This is the first time that a treatment of this kind was approved that is why some called it a “landmark vaccine”. Researchers and doctors are now trying to apply this method of treatment to other cancers.

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