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NBA Suspended O.J. Mayo For 10 Days Due To Positive Tests

Memphis Grizzlies 3-year player O.J. Mayo has been suspended by the NBA for 10 straight games for violating the anti-drug program with a positive test.

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA was found in his body, but the athlete blamed an over-the-counter supplement that he didn’t know was banned by the league.

“It was an honest mistake, but I take full responsibility for my actions,” Mayo said in the statement released by the team. I apologize to my fans, teammates and the Grizzlies organization for regrettably not doing the necessary research about what supplements I can put in my body.”

Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is somewhat proud of O.J. because he faced this issue straightforward, and the team will continue to support him in his career. He has unselfishly done everything they have asked of him, and they expect him to grow as a player and a person from this experience.

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Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg on Saturday Night Live

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social networking site Facebok just met Jesse Eisenberg, the man who portrayed Zuckerberg in the movie “Social Network”.

Jesse Eisenberg was the featured guest Saturday night in the said show.

It was a moment full of fun during Saturday Night Live. As Jesse was opening his monologue, one of the SNL cast member Andy Samberg interrupted him. Andy Samberg also impersonates Mark Zuckerberg in sketches.

As the two impersonators were sharing their thoughts about their impersonations, Mark Zuckerberg was about to go on stage.

Zuckerberg joined his dopplegangers and talk about funny things with the two.

They sort of became friends and it was really funny watching those three persons (with almost the same faces) talking to each other, joking around.

Zuckerberg kicked off the show by offering shake hands and then, Nicky Minaj entered the stage for the next show.

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Whitney Houston is Pregnant: True or Rumor?

Whitney Houston has rumors being pregnant. She was seen in some places and in some pictures with larger waistline and people are asking if she is carrying a baby inside her tummy because the size she has now is quite unusual for her.

Whitney has not answered the issue yet. Some say that it is impossible for her to get pregnant. She is now 46 years old and has reportedly bad drug habits.

One possible reason of her sudden weight gain might be the steroid injection she is undergoing for her respiratory infection. It is also possible that she is just eating too much.

There might be some other reasons why she is gaining weight.

I personally don’t think she is pregnant. But let’s just wait for further details.

Meantime, stay tuned for more news and updates!

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Kim Kardashian W Magazine Photo: The Silver Paint Mag Cover Photo

Kim Kardashian posed nude late last year for the W magazine. This was for W Magazine’s most talked about “art issue“. The W shoot was seen on the recently and fresh episode of Kim And Kourntey Take New York. Kardashian’s body was seen with nothing but silver paint although there were some text and words covering her body (as seen in the photos.

It was seen in the photos that Kim Kardashian flaunted her breasts and butt. According to W magazine, the photograph is just an art issue of the W magazine and it wasn’t too revealing.

People, especially men, find the W magazine’s art issue hot and sexy although Kim Kardashian feels disappointed with the photos because she was 15 heavier when the shoot was taken compared to her weight now. She also added that it wasn’t really her decision to do such photo shoot but her mother’s.

Some of her naked (with body paint) photos could be seen on the internet. Check them out!

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NFL Pro Bowl 2011 KickOff Start Time and Live Coverage Info

With much anticipation given by the fans, the all-star game of NFL season 2010 which is the Pro Bowl 2011, has become exciting as it live coverage for it is nearing. The kick-off start time of 2011 AFC–NFC Pro Bowl is at 7 PM on Sunday, January 30, 2011. The event will take place at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. The live coverage of AFC–NFC Pro Bowl 2011 will be handled by FOX. Announcements for this wondrous game will covered by Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick, Terry Bradshaw, and Tony Siragusa.

Last year, the contract of NFL to the Aloha Stadium has expired. It was then decided by the commissioner that the 2010 Pro Bowl be held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. Due to the critics by coaches and players regarding the last year’s Pro Bowl, it was then decided that the Pro Bowl 2011 will be held in Hawaii again. The Super Bowl XLV remains in Miami, Florida, so players on the teams participating in Super Bowl XLV will not play in the Pro Bowl the Sunday prior.

The selections for the players in the all-star games mostly came from strongest teams. Both New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have the most representatives in their conference. About 117 players were chosen among all the players in the whole league.

It’s time you check your local or cable channels if you can get to see the live coverage of the hottest event in NFL this January. Never miss out a once a year event where you can see a fantastic game played by the all-stars. Stay tuned to FOX for the Pro Bowl 2011.

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Protests in Egypt Updates

The capital of Egypt, Cairo, is still filled with protesters with burning desire for President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. No one has a single clue what will come next with these numerous of protesters on the streets of Egypt.

A small country on Mediterranean, specifically the Tunisia, has reports of protests against the government across the Middle East. It had been a better state for 23 years and was well-ruled by President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali.

Numbers of protests was reported in December 2010. He wasn’t able to satisfy the nation’s demand and solved the protests of people against corruptions and low living standards.

As weeks of nation’s rage passed by, reports of deaths and injuries increased. More than 100 people died, Ben Ali left the country January 4.

Longtime Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi took the position and made decisions trying to attain people’s satisfaction.

Within 60 days of Ali’s flight, a new Presidential election has been promised.

Questions continue to come out on what will happen next to people’s  protests. Let’s just hope for a better nation and pray for peacefulness.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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