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Watch the Royal Wedding 2011 Live Stream – Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Wedding Live Coverage

Watch the Royal Wedding 2011 Live Stream – Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Wedding Live Coverage -April 29 -
Now here we are approaching the biggest event this year for UK. Are you ready to watch the Royal Wedding 2011 Live? I know most of us want to witness the joining of hearts with royalty of Prince Charles and his bride, Kate Middleton. The officials for the Royal Wedding 2011 has already arranged for the live streaming of the event. Aside from that, local channels from each country could have prepared a live stream coverage of Royal Wedding 2011 in connection with the UK network officials.

If you only have your computer and internet connection, you may also watch on Royal Wedding 2011 Live Stream available on streaming websites like JustinTV, etc., If you just search and search, you can find some hidden live stream of the Royal Wedding. You don’t want to miss the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, don’t you?

I have provided some links above, in relation to some live streaming coverage of the Royal Wedding. Some are free, and some are not. If you want it on HD, prepare for some fee for it.

Let’s look forward for the Royal Wedding 2011. Congratulations Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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The Royal Wedding Guest List 2011 – Only Hours Before the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding Guest List 2011 – Only Hours Before the Royal Wedding -
Only hours left before we witness the uniting of hearts of Kate Middleton and Prince William in the Royal Wedding 2011. What do we expect for this grand ceremony and celebration? As the event goes popular worldwide, the Royal Wedding guest list is being revealed to us. It seems that there will be many VIPs attending the Royal Wedding. Let us know who they are.

It’s obvious that the relatives of Kate Middleton and Prince William will be there. Prince Harry, brother of Prince William, will serve as the best man. Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, will be for the maid of honor.
About 1000 close friends are invited, including Prince William’s colleagues from his RAF base in Wales. About 120 were invited from Charles and Diana’s friends and family.

There are many politicians and celebrities invited to the Royal Wedding 2011. Elton John is invited, as he was close to Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother. The popular silent comedian, Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr. Bean, is also invited as he’s close to Prince Charles. The soccer star David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, and soul singer Joss Stone. British musician James Blunt will be playing the church organ at the ceremony. Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband are some of the politicians attending the event.

Sadly, there are some who cannot attend. The Prince of Bahrain cannot be present because of problem issues on his country.

All people out there interested to watch the Royal Wedding 2011, you can tune to your local channels for live coverage of the wedding. It’s sure that there will be one network handling the live stream coverage of the Royal Wedding 2011.

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Friendster To Shut Down on May 31, Old Users Exporting Profile and Photos

Friendster, after so long of struggling to the social networking world, has finally going to rest. It was announced that they will be shutting down on 31th of May 2011. The reason could be bankruptcy, not being able to be in par with Facebook. Since the emergence of Facebook, Friendster has begun to lose millions of its users, switching to the all-new hot social networking site, Facebook.

Now what’s the effect of Friendster shut down? The old users of Friendster are now in rush to backup and export their profile, and especially the photos. Friendster has also prepared a hassle-free method to export their old profile, which includes the photos, testimonials, list of friends, and other things on the profile. There is a separate exportation for the photos to be transferred to multply or flickr, and the blogs to be exported on WordPress or Blogger format.

As of now, Friendster has been gaining a lot of traffic as old users try to export their old stuff. It brings good ol’ memories to them. Friendster has been very popular not until late of year 2009. Facebook’s development was very fast to begin with.

It seems Friendster won’t be totally shutting down. It will be like a renovation of the site, and we still don’t know if it will still be a social networking site.

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PSN Down – Playstation Network Down for a day or two says Sony

As the gamers are astounded by the news about Playstation Network(PSN) being down, Sony has given a response prior to the issue.

It seems the Playstation Network (PSN) will be down for a full day or two for a maintenance. It could be an ‘outside attack’ on Sony. From its EU blog, the network outage of Playstation 3 has a result of a possiblity of hacks. There is no scheduled time for the next update from PlayStation on their progress.

“The issue with Anonymous began with Sony’s court case against George Hotz, which has since been settled out of court,” the reported.

Recently, there was an issue about Playstation 3 jailbreaking process. It arrived on Youtube just this January 2011 through ‘geohot’, which they claim to be George Hotz. This video shows how the software can be loaded on the PS3 console, giving other hackers hope on pirating the copyrighted gaming system.

This could be one reason for PSN down today.

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