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David Blaine Levitation Trick Revealed In Youtube

David Blaine Levitation Trick Revealed — Magic has been one of the most amusing types of entertainment in television or in live performances. But in the long run, you become curious if magic really exists on Earth. Some of the well-known magicians have amazed us with their tricks, but now there are many sources of how magic is really done.

One example of an amazing and well-known magician is David Blaine. David Blaine has been doing street magic for several years now by using cards, household items or himself doing the extremes in magic. David Blaine has amazed a lot of people, but David Blaine’s famous levitation trick has been revealed.

David Blaine begins the trick by putting his legs and feet together. After that, he lifts up his left foot up to the top, while the right foot tip-toes. Undoubtedly, the revealed David Blaine levitation trick is amazing, as it creates very fine illusion that he is levitating in space. Watch the full video and enjoy the wonderful David Blaine levitation revealed.

Watch the David Blaine Levitation Trick Revealed on Video Streaming sites such as YouTube and other sites.

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