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As The World Turns Cancelled By CBS

The daytime drama of CBS “As The World Turns” is now cancelled. CBS announced that “As The World Turns” will broadcast its 13,661st episode on September 2010.

This is not the first time CBS cancelled a daytime drama series, “Guiding Light” has also been cancelled by CBS. Procter & Gamble are the ones responsible for making “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light” an awesome drama series.

CBS and other networks have continued to cancel daytime drama TV series because daytime dramas have been fading as a genre for years with more women joining the work force and the increased number of channels offering alternatives like news, talk, reality and game shows. In tough economic times, paying casts, producers and writers proved prohibitive to networks when there were cheaper alternatives.

CBS has only two daytime dramas left: “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and Beautiful.”

Although the least watched soap in daytime with 2.51 million viewers in average, “As the World Turns” is a frequent award winner. At the upcoming 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the soap scoops 13 nominations including Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series. The ceremony is to be held in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 27.

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  1. Marlo says:

    I have been watching the show for two years now and try to never miss an episode, it came as a shock to me when I heard the show was canceled, I think they did a pretty good job of keeping up with the times.
    I really don’t know what CBS is thinking about with game shows,
    I thought game shows when out in the 80s. With the rest of the world full of reality shows I see ” as the world turns” as an escape from that. but I guess the networks know what is best, the show will be Missed thank you for a great show…..

  2. Bea says:

    WOW! I have watched As the World Turns for so many years. I grew up with it and still watched now. I cannot believe I will not get to see this soap again. I will miss my fix at 1pm everyday. So sad! I totally understand why they did it but I do not have to like it! Sad…. :( :( :( :(

  3. andrea says:

    oh my gosh….i cant belive i turned on cbs this week only to find out that the price is right is now on when ATWT was on….That was the only show i watched every day. Why the hell would you replace such a classic show with a stupid game show. The only people who watch those shows are the ones in the bars getting drunk! I only pray cbs comes to their sensed and brings the soaps back!!!!!!!!! im so mad

  4. Mia says:

    Ditto to all the above. What a foolish, foolish, decision CBS & P&G!
    I won’t say I’m sad as others … as I’m in fact, a-n-g-r-y! Shame on you all!
    NO MORE CBS OR P&G!! You don’t care … we don’t care.

  5. Mia says:

    In case you haven’t been privied… today’s ‘Stay At Home Mom’ is not the 1950′s stay at home.
    Most are college educated, often with Law degrees, MD degrees, & grad school under their belts. P&G as well as CBS should know better. Those of us watching albeit ocassionally, are running ALL day long btwn pre-school carpools, elementary/lower school carpools, extracurricular activities, play groups, and the like. No one’s home sitting on the couch in ‘sweat pants’ eating bon-bons, lazy and getting fat!

    No one cares about another ridiculous game show. There are game shows and reality shows at nausium on TV these days and evenings. Most would prefer to watch Drew Carey on ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway’!
    You will find out the hard way … no one wants to see a 50 yr. old game show: The Price is Right – REALLY??!!Ugh.

    Have walked away from CBS evening and day completely!
    Good luck with the ratings … you get what you give … & you’re giving junk.

  6. Christina says:

    I am very disappointed that CBS has canceled ATWT. I have been watching it since I was a kid. CBS has lost me as a viewer!

  7. Spanky says:

    Sorry they had to cancel ATWT, I too was a faithful viewer. I recorded ATWT every week! Hated to see it go. Now there will be ANOTHER talk show. (just what we need)! CBS don’t you think we have enough talk shows?

    I’m sure they are plotting to take the other two off the air as well, and as for me, I won’t be viewing CBS…….

  8. nichele says:


  9. Paul Roberts says:

    Yes, It is sad and a shame to see As the World Turns disappear from the airwaves. I used to watch it with my grandmother. It was the only show she liked. What is sadder is what the network is going to replace it with: ANOTHER TALK SHOW!!!!! Just what we need! The problem is the network is so obsessed with cutting costs and making money that program quality is no longer a priority! They have lost their way in creating new shows. Example Hawaii Five O and The Defenders! I saw the new Hawai Five O! Once is enough unless you like car chases and explosions. I am sure The Defenders will be disappointing too! The network is right in one area they are getting what they pay for and that is occupying air space. Thank God for Cable Tv with their new imaginative programs such as Mad Men, Rubicon, Army Wives, Eureka etc.

  10. Judy Lawley says:

    CBS SHAME ON YOU. Why did you cancelled ATWT and keep crappy shows instead. ATWT is an icon. Well I guess you just lost a viewer. I won’t be watching any of your other shows either for you cancelled Ghost Whisperer as well. Thanks but no thanks. Judy

  11. lysaheart says:

    I was shocked to turn on my T.V. and see tennis, figured…I guess it’s only for a few days. I was so happy to see my favorite shows back on for a couple more weeks, then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw “Let’s make a deal” twice the same day…thought, hmmm what’s going on? Now keep in mind, I had no idea that my two favorite soaps are no longer hit me like a ton of bricks..”You know like when your reading a book and the ending doesn’t make sense.” Well, to me this was a BIG MISTAKE…”As the world turns” you will be missed, same with “The Guiding Light” and I guess I better not get too attached to “Young and the Restless” or “Bold and the Beautiful”, because if it’s the same people making these lame decisions..I’m sure they will surely follow. The best to all these wonderful actors and actresses, you will be missed.

  12. bb says:

    Been watching scene I was 14/ 49 now.They all became like part of my family.I also recorded them for many years,to watch at night.Because I worked daytime.Miss Guiding Light too It’s really sad you had to do this.I know it will cost you alot of fans.I guess we will all have to watch other channels.Don’t care for game shows so goodbye.

  13. Janet says:

    I was unaware that it was being cancelled until last week when I went to my recorded shows and it wasn’t there. I thought what the “heck” then I went to actually watch it when i was working out at the gym and there was a game show. Yikes.. who wants that. so I switched channels and will find something else to watch. It’s unfortunate that you think game shows have the same holding power as a soap. to me soaps are an ongoing book that you can’t put down. you can leave it for a few days come back and catch up instantly.. I could care less who wins a car or a trip. So Now I will be true to young and the restless and maybe return to GH.. who knows.. maybe I will see the characters from ATWT on other soaps.. Bad move CBS..

  14. Ann Green says:

    Like most, I too grew up with ATWT’s and I am now 47. I frequently remember being with my Mom and her Sister Louise watching ATWT’s . They have both since passed away, I am a working professional now and on my days off I would get every errand finished so I could be home to hang out in front of the TV from 2 until 3. It was my quiet time…

    I will certainly miss everyone from the show. I must say though, I was very impressed with the finale. It really shows how classy this show truly was. Best of luck to all the cast members and thank you for all the memories.


  15. Jena says:

    Atwt and GL was the only soap I have kept up with. I am 20 years old and it is the one thing I used to do with my grandmaw every single day before she died. We never missed it. I am a working student but I dvr it just so I can watch it. There is no way you will find veiwers for the dumb game shows you have playing twice! I have been watching the young and te restless but I am def Gonna be watching it on soap net.

  16. Shanda says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments posted by: lisa shoup, debbie fry, faithful viewer & Rye! P&G, I thought you were more of a loyalty based company – shame on you!! I have also been a loyal, faithful fan of both ATWT & GL, in fact I didn’t even turn the TV on until it was time for those 2 shows… Now I will continue to not turn it on until that time but with one HUGE difference my TV WILL NOT be on CBS!! I am so disappointed in “the powers that be” I can’t even begin to tell you, that CBS & P&G are more about every greedy little nickel then loyalty and consideration for the more than 2.5 MILLION viewers!! I find it offensive that this number of viewers are the “little people whose opinions no longer matter” to CBS and P&G!! Aside from a few programs that I truly like I will be finding more and more shows on other networks with other sponsors every chance I get!!!!

  17. Kathy Love says:

    I am a ATWT addict I am have watched guiding light with my grandmother! Since I am part of the workforce that was laid off the only thing I had to look forward to was ATWT after running arpund in the morning submitting resumes! I was in total shock it was the only thing that gave me hope about the future. The story lines were so much more interesting than price is right! Seriously, I would get headaches listening to it come on I just shut the tv off; ATWT was like snuggling up in the slouch chair reading a good book to relax the stress about not finding a job!

  18. Debra says:

    My heart is totally broken. I didn’t realize As the World Turns was going off the air until the last week of the show and I saw it on a magazine cover in the grocery store. I grew up watching the show with my grandparents during the summer and any other time I was out of school. The “people” on ATWT were like family. I grew up with Lily and Holden. I had teenage fantasies of finding a “man” like Holden. I went through their happy and sad times. The storyline was always fresh and kept up with the latest trends. My husband got hooked on the show when I began taping it while I was at work and would watch it at night after our kids had been put to bed. If I forgot to set the VCR he would take care of it. I lost touch with the “family and friends” of ATWT while I was getting my late-in-life college degree. Studying left little time for watching TV, but as soon as I got my degree, I began watching again. It was like riding a bike. After I got used to the new faces on the show I was back home. My husband never stopped watching. Enough said…there is no use crying over the end of another era. Nothing good lasts anymore. Talk shows in which the talk amount to nothing, game shows that have people acting like idiots, and other “stuff” will never last as long as ATWT and GL. Good luck to all the cast members.

  19. Lisa says:

    This stinks! There are so many fly by night shows that don’t stick around. The ones that have loyal followings get dumped. My entire family watched atwt and taped to watch at night. I hate reality tv and now ur taking the soaps!

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  21. Katherine Kramer says:

    I too grew up with ATWT. I remember watching it with my grandmother and my mother when I was young. Over the summers and when I was sick and stayed home from school my mom and I would watch it together. I would DVR the show and watch it in the evenings and when on call at the hospital.I loved Betsy (Meg Ryan), Holden and Lily, Lucinda, Barbara, Bob and Kim, Lisa and so many others. They were like a second family. I miss all the Christmas parties that they had on the show during this season too! CBS made a big mistake, this show had a loyal fan base. Bad move! I’m no longer watching daytime, or for that matter, anything CBS.

  22. Yasmine says:

    I have watched As the world turns for many years. I was in shock when I found out it was taken off the air. I looked forward to watching at 2:00pm everyday. I will miss that show so much.

  23. Janice Karen says:

    I agree with many of the previous comments. I cannot believe that CBS took ATWT off the air! I started waching over 20 years ago when I was in college and I am still a loyal fan! Sometimes the writing was not great but the characters would make up for that! This was a good quality show and was very comforting to watch throughout the years. The new show ” The talk is awful!!!!That show is crap compared to ATWT. What was CBS thinking???? CBS needs to bring back ATWT. ATWT was much better than any game show that is on also!!

  24. lisa says:

    i thank as the world turns should come back i miss watching them it been to long now why cant they come back i dont like the talk show or games show i grew up with them my kids watch them too iam 41 year old i like to keep watch as the world turns and the bold and the beautiful and the young and the restless if i can buy the soap on dvd or blue-ray i would so i can keep watching them please being back as the would the world turns

  25. JC says:

    It has taken me almost a year to comment, mostly because I really wanted to say something that would change the network executives minds. This is the stupidest decision you’ve ever made. I now have NO REASON to ever tune in to WCCO/CBS, so guess what. I won’t be. Here’s why: You all made a BIG mistake. After reading these bloggers comments that is clear. But here is the real question. Why on earth would you take a show off the air that has been followed through ‘generations’ of families? I’m speaking of course of both the shows, As The World Turns and Guilding Light. And I’m speaking of the characters and your viewers when I say generations. We who have known these characters will miss them dearly. When you’re born watching a show, then you really miss not only the show, but the characters who became real to you. Obviously, with my generations women working full time jobs, there is a lot more T VO’ing going on than you realize. Don’t know if those numbers are there for you to measure, but if not, then you will find out the error of your ways when CBS goes entirely under. The one sanity in my life, is the fact that I had taped both shows and could sit and watch them on Friday nights or Saturdays. Not only have you taken my favorite shows away, you’ve removed the only reason I tuned in to CBS. You should have simply posted commercials asking viewers to text their opinions during the shows, and you would have quickly found out that those soups were carrying your fat, over aged, pudgy, ignorant selves. You should get out of your offices a little more often, and see what is really happening in America! The WRONG assumptions were made. Doh!

  26. tina says:

    hi my name is tina i am going on 39 i had watch all the soap with my mom when i was like 6 years old i was so upseat when you guys took as the world turns off i hope may be some day you will bring it back i miss watching it all the time i dont under stand why you would take it off after being on their for 30 years pluse


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