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Legend of the Seeker Season 3: Will there be Legend of the Seeker Season 3?

Legend of the Seeker is one of the best TV show in ABC. I feel there should be more twist to it, so the image will be perfect. As of now, the ABC has no decisions yet for the Legend of the Seeker Season 3. ABC is still hoping to find a replacement for the Tribune station. This is the time to show our support, so season 3 will be possible.

If you are wondering about Legend of the Seeker, it s a weekly American television series based on The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. The latest release was the Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 22 entitled Tears. The fans watched the episode, and gave fantastic reviews about the series. Most of them are looking forward for the season 3.

We should let ABC see that we wanted Legend of the Seeker Season 3!

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  1. afterlife says:

    season 3 please!

  2. Fred says:

    See,am tired of watching this series film through imagination.Common,lengend of d seeker is d best movie i hve ever watch.if u people don’t continue this movie, we as a fun will never 4give ABC and God will not 4give you people bcos you cause us great pain.

  3. nuno says:

    season 3 please

  4. allana says:

    SEASON3 is a Must PLEASEEEEEE, the show needs to go on.
    best series iv seen, abc would be stupid not to. this show has gained such a hugeeee fan base

  5. luis says:

    ples…..i am so obssessed with legend of seeker….to me, it’s better than harry potter too….i neef 3,4,5….seasons if possible…..may spirits be with seeker’s fans!

  6. murphy says:

    legend of the seeker was the best show i’ve ever seen I NEED MORE!

  7. david b says:

    I just watched all 44 episodes in the last month and I need more please!!

  8. Senzi says:

    i wanna see a season 3. may the spirits be with you ! ^_^

  9. armand says:

    season 3 please o please best ever series with amazing stiry line

  10. Ted says:

    PLease make a season 3 .My wife and i watched every show and was so bummed when we seen the last one.Please

  11. Sunny says:

    I have read the entire series ad fell in love with it, and I couldn’t believe it when the series came out! I would absolutely die if there was no season 3!!!!!!

  12. Crystal says:

    please make season 3!!! its the best series i have ever watched.. Please I beg the ABC to make season 3.. will the confessor and the seeker get married? Will they ever have children? After they have founded out they can love each other? The first order of wizard be able to find his son again? Is the keeper really closed for ever? please make season 3!!!

  13. mizan says:

    please we excessively keen to watch the season 3 of legend of the seeker. want another season

  14. Kevin says:

    The best show ever seen.. LOTS season 3,4,5… would be much appreciated.

  15. Matilda says:

    This is honestly the best show ever, and my personal favorite. The story, the beautiful sets, and the amazing characters played by talented actors! PLEASE! give the world a season three (and hopefully even more seasons!) GIVE THE SEEKER A CHANSE! the series only gets better and better and its not fair to end the show like this! Im deeply sad and dissapointed.

  16. dami says:

    We neen the next season, I just watched all 44 episodes in 5 days. Loved it to say the least.

  17. keza says:

    please bring on season three and the rest

  18. kaila27 says:

    oohh please dont cancel the third season it will be so disappoint , i’m wishing for it relish soon, i love this show so much.

  19. Mathew says:

    I was wondering up to now when season three of legend of the seeker will be published? i can`t wait it for to long.

  20. Ronald says:

    Legend of The seeker is really that good a show, every episode has unique twists and turns and the acting is on point. Whats Darken R gonna do with sister niki? Ya cant leave the show hanging like that.

  21. steve says:

    legend of the seeker is one of my favorite shows i was upset to find out there will not be a season three please reconsider and keep me and all the other loyal fans happy

  22. Tudor says:

    If there its something that i with for christmas and my birthday its season 3.It’s the best tv show i’ve ever seen,its so simple and so good that i got no words to describe it,its simple fantastic.Good job!!!!

  23. samuel sparks says:

    please save the seeker 3. ilove it avery good show.

  24. Mariam says:

    I like the series and i watched it more than tenth times both season 1 and 2. I m looking forward for season 3 please.

  25. beqa says:

    please 3 season…..pleaseeeee………

  26. Anton says:


  27. Alex says:

    Come on now ABC!!!!!!! a season 3 now soon! Im from sweden so, everyone will watch legen of…3!

  28. Adu nana isaac says:

    I think there is no meanin 2 the of season 2 and need 4 season 3 4 beter undastnding and ending

  29. ghost says:

    pls excute s3.

  30. Robert Hirsche says:

    8: 23 ‘this is actually a free haircut i am not charging you actually nearly anything with this’ then Taylor tongue’s outside

  31. elizabeth says:

    season 3 please o

  32. katie says:

    plz………………………… ABC we need saesons 3, its the best seasonal film ever

  33. poison says:

    damn… just please make the season 3… is the best show i ever watched.. i lost few days to see this show,a and i really enjoyed… make a forum where we can vote… make season 3 or no and why…. this is my requirement… god bless u all…. and by the way, i am from romania, and i know few thousands more who love this show… so please listen to us

  34. mano says:

    please season 3

  35. robert williams says:

    i came across legend of the seeker one night while channel surfing, i had never heard of the show, or seen commercials about the show, i was hooked during the first five minutes of watching the show and i believe it was one from the middle of the first season i then went out and bought the first season to catch up,watched the second season eagerly waiting for more and no seeker 3? spend a little more in advertising, at least here in Texas,and more people would know about the show, i know guys like me who work in the oilfield who enjoyed the show but work long hard hours and don’t have time to write in their opinions, but come on gives us hardworking roughnecks a little bone and throw our legend back on the tube.


  37. Aana says:

    We whant more, please give us a season 3!!!!!

  38. armenia says:

    please 3 season.we love Seeker..

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  41. Ramon says:

    Please continue season 3. Best show ever!

  42. Liz says:

    Still wondering if there will be a season 3 of Legend of the Seeker. Any more news on that? Would really love there to be a season 3! Why do all the good shows get cancelled and all of those irritating ‘reality’ shows keep boring us to death?


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