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Mike Lablue House Fire: Total Tragedy

A tragedy befell to the house if Mike Lablue with a house fire that killed 4 children. Their 3-year old son was able to escape the tragic fate because he was sleeping together with his mother. There was no official report about this though.

The four children who died were all girls. They were identified as 11-year-old twins Kamryn and Keiley Lebleu, 8-year-old Kassandra LeBleu and 1-year-old Adrinne LeBleau. All four sisters were pronounced dead at area hospitals.

Mike Lablue is out of the house when the fire incident happened. It was said that he’s working in Texas. We give our condolences to the Lablue family for the tragic event they suffered.

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  1. judith mitchell-ballard says:

    I lost my three girls Oct 18th 2008 in a fire while they were visiting their father and step-mother..
    It brings it back to home.. and I know the pain they are enduring..
    My heart goes out to this family. You can only offer prayers and support to them … but some how
    that is enough when your whole world is lost.
    Material things don’t matter when your biggest reason for living is gone.
    I just pray that they try to find the bigger picture in this tragedy. I know God has accepted these four beautiful young angels for a reason.
    I will support this family however I can because it is a daily faith walk.. numb not knowing what tomorrow holds just knowing that you miss them and can’t wait to be rejoined with them in Heaven.

  2. Ashely says:

    I have a son and I can not imagine the loss that family is going through. My prayers are with them.


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