Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Recent Issue Today values our visitor’s  privacy. In line with this, you’re privacy is protected while you are here in our website. The information collected from you are safeguarded, and it is an assurance to keep your privacy.

Collected Information

Recent Issue Today collects personal information needed to give you the services that you wanted or seeking. These collected information are inevitable, and we would likely tell you why and how we collect it.
We usually collect personal information such as your name and email address for subscriptions. Sensitive information are not collected, and if the service demands it, we would ask for your permission.

Information Usage

The information collected are used for the service purposes. There are times when we need to share your information; hence, we ask for your consent, and the data shared would most likely to be used for another service affiliated with Recent Issue Today.

We can assure you a security for your personal information collected. The website has firewalls and other security measures porvided on the web hosting. You can rest assured that no personal data can have the possibility for misuse, loss, or unveilment.

Access to Personal Information
You can access most of the personal information collected from you. In some circumstances like denying your request, you can contact us about it.

Those information are publicly visible. If you don’t want some personal information to be exposed, then you might as well not write about it. We suggest to be careful in writing personal information that are seen in public.


Cookies are often used to gather demographics about a  user. The company doesn’t know who you are or where you live or anything like that, but every time you accept a cookie from them, you tell them a little bit about where your computer has surfed that day.

Cookies can only use information that is provided to them by either the Web browser itself, or by the customer filling out a form and providing the information.

You can disable the features of Cookies if you don’t want information collected through it.

E-mail Subscription

In subscribing to our newsletter, we ask some personal information such as name and email. We DO NOT expose your name and email address, nor we use them for other means.

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