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Manny Pacquiao VS Shane Mosley Final Results – Unanimous Victory for Pacquiao

At last, the Tale of the Tape has come to an end. There are still many people who doesn’t have an idea what the results were. Manny Pacquiao VS Shane Mosley event has made buzzes from inside the MGM in Las Vegas, up to our minds. Though the Pacquiao VS Mosley has ended, people yet seeks more action from it.

Based from the past fights of Pacquiao, this turned out not one of the intensified unlike with Maragarito and Cotto. But in a way, this was much better than the battle with Clottey. The battle has lasted the whole 12 rounds. Pacquiao has gotten most of all the rounds.

In the 3rd round, Pacquiao knocked down Mosley. He gave a combo, in which Mosley fell off but still recovered from it. The next round, Mosley slipped again. When the 10th round came, a knockdown was given for Pacquiao. If you can look at the instant replay, it was like a push that made him stumble to the ground. There was no punch that landed before the knockdown. See the replay for it.

Reaching the 12th round, Pacquiao was heated up for the kill, but Mosley succeeded in buying time for his survival in the ring. After the fight, in the interview, Mosley recognized Manny’s power and speed. Those are like extraordinary he never experienced before. Pacquiao claimed about his leg, which can’t make him the 100% fighter from Gensan. He could have knocked out Mosley if it weren’t for his leg.

Here are the results of the whole Tale of the Tape Pacquiao VS Mosley, whick took place May 7, 2011 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada:


Alvarado defeated Narh by TKO at the end Round 3
Pavlik defeated Lopez by split decision
Arce defeated Vasquez by TKO at Round 12

You can see the score cards of Pacquiao VS Mosley fight below.

Watch out for the replay video of the Tale of the Tape especially the main event, Manny Pacquiao VS Shane Mosley, It will come out after some hours.

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