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Apple iPhone 4G Launches Worldwide this June – Confirmed by AT&T

Many people around the world just can’t get over from the announcement made by AT&T today that Apple iPhone 4G will be out on stores on June 7, 2010 or on June 21, 2010. When Apple launched the iPhone 3G, many people were amazed of the unique design of the cellular phones they make. Now, Apple has raised the bars higher as they further improve cellular technology by launching the hopefully successful Apple iPhone 4G.

The launching date of the Apple iPhone 4G was confirmed by AT&T. The iPhone 4G also has an impressive review rating, since it has a lot of features that would surely make the iPhone 4G one of a kind. The latest OS of the iPhone 4G, which is the OS 4.0 can share files, and perform multiple tasks. The iPhone 4G also has a 5 megapixel front facing camera, great for video calling. The iPhone 4G is surely better than the previous iPhone generations.

Some noticeable changes were made in the Apple iPhone 4G. First is that an aluminum border now surrounds the outer part of the iPhone 4G. The Apple iPhone 4G also has a slightly smaller screen than the iPhone 3Gs, and everything is more squared off. The iPhone 4G is 3 grams heavier, and has a 16% larger battery than the previous iPhone gens. The internal parts of the Apple iPhone 4G were made een smaller than before, making it a little compact than the iPhone 3GS without losing its quality, performance and some features were added too.

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